Hey uh, I dunno I just recentlygot REALLY back into Ben10, motly Omniverse!

Anyone out there wanna chat it up? Like I just watched “And then there was None/Ben” and I realy wanna talk to someone about how the “Good Ben” or Ben without omnitrix’s…

Have you seen Weapon XI part 1 and 2 yet?


Prime ben looks so happy.
Good ben looks 10000% done with life.


Audio of the new opening for Arc 7 of Ben 10: Omniverse!

Arc 7 kicks off on October 20th @ 5 AM Central/6 AM EST with “CLYDE FIVE” on Cartoon Network!


Universe VS Tennyson!!

We all have to keep in mind that


Yes, there are evil Bens and good Bens and even neutral Bens that exist in all different times, dimensions, and parallel worlds, etc.

What we also have to keep in mind is that, even though they may all look-a-like, act alike, look different, and act different they all have one thing in common…

They are all dorks, doofuses, and dweebs.


Albedo - Mad Ben - Bad Ben - Nega Ben - Benzarro


Argit 10!!!

Albedo & Gwen

Albedo & Gwen

Albedo & Gwen


You know action cartoon are dead when Cartoon Network gives up on Ben 10

They might as well reboot that into a straight up comedy like Teen Titans Go